Nick Yngve

Born and raised in Athens, he started listening to metal in 1994 and one year later, he started playing the drums. Having as his greatest influence Metallica's Lars Ulrich, he tried to "create" his own style which throughout the years he kind of perfected it but always updating it as time passes. Since he started as a drummer, he played with numerous bands, but his first recording came in 1998, when he recorded his first demo ever, with C.L.G, playing a hybrid of hard rock and heavy metal, or heavy rock if you prefer. Throughout the years, as a drummer and also as a guitarist in some bands, Yngve also formed his own bands, Mortuus Sum, created in 2007, a black metal band which released only some EPs, but was disbanded in 2015, before the recording of their first full length album. One year later, in 2016 Gungnir were formed, a Viking black metal band, which exists until now and so far they have released an EP. At the moment, Yngve along with his bandmate Jim Havok, are preparing their first full length album. Up to this day, he has been a part of more than 40 recordings, including demos, EPs and full length albums, plus many one-off live performances in Greece and abroad and 3 tours in Russia with Memorain (2014), UK with W.E.B. (2014) and Europe with Drauggard (2018).


At the moment, at last with a solid and steady lineup, the band is the mixing/mastering process of their upcoming second album, "A Necromacy Lore".


Nick has  played for a variety of bands and recorded several demos, EPs and albums, ranging from hard rock to black metal.

Free Lance session
Drama Noir Band
Drama Noir
Symphonic black/death metal band, formed in 2017

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Drama Noir