Mephisto, was born in Athens and started playing the electric guitar, at the age of 15. He first took some lessons with the jazz guitarist Vassilis Mpaxevanakis and after some time, with Vassilis Pierakeas and Theodore Ziras. The first band Paul played wirh, was the black metal band Disharmony (2017-2018), with whom he released the “Messe de Minuit” EP and shortly after, he left to form his own band. Named Drama Noir, it started as a one band man, releasing the “The Forgotten Warrior” single, with the help of session members. A few months later, he released the first full length album “Princess Airam”, again with the help of session members and himself being the main composer of all the music and lyrics and recording all the guitars, the bass and the keyboards. Almost immediately, a steady lineup was found, with Yngve on drums, who also played in the single, Peisithanatos on bass and Nyctelios on vocals.


At the moment, at last with a solid and steady lineup, the band is the mixing/mastering process of their upcoming second album, "A Necromacy Lore".

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Paul uses custom set 010 - 013 - 016 - 032w - 042w - 052w hybrid

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Drama Noir
Princess Airam

First full album of Drama Noir
The Forgotten Warrior
The Forgotten Warrior

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC
A Necromancy Lore
A Necromancy Lore

upcoming 2nd album